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Custom-made Kodawari-KIFUDA

We make our wooden tags with our heart

That’s our love.

Japanese friends gifted us this wood plate.
It soon became our treasure for us who love Japan a lot.
We wear it when we are in our home town since it reflects our love to Japan and we could show it to our friends.

It is a unique and you could find your bags and purse easily when you put it.

Especially where you see many similar bags in one place, you feel safer when you see yours with it amongst all bags.

Having one makes you feel you want to have second and third one.

Your name, and then converted to KATAKANA, HIRAGANA, KANJI.

Please enter your name (Alphabet)


There is also a hiragana Onamae-KIFUDA.「hiragana Onamae-KIFUDA.」

List of names that can be converted.

Please contact us if the conversion to Chinese characters in not on the list name.

Please let us know the name of the sculpture in the alphabet.
We will convert it to Kanji.

Please select the conversion character you want from “Kanji” or “Hiragana” or “Katakana” and let us know.

The difference of the order items and off-the-shelf

Custom-made Kodawari-KIFUDA

・choose from three types
・Carve deeply

Ready-made Onamae-KIFUDA

・Tree is CHERRY
・Carve Shallowly

Types of "recommended tree” popular for visitor from abroad.

Boxwood, Mikurashima

Known for high quality material from Edo era and we use the one from Mikurashima where is famous for it. Great touch. This is be the one for people you respect.

For more information about materials (Boxwood, Page)


Representing great Japanese tree. Use Hon-Zakura, on which characters were seen clearly. Most reasonable price among other materials.

For more information about materials (Cherry Page)

Best Ebony, Green Ebony

Ebony is rare and Green Ebony is even harder to find in the market. Polished surface is not only for its look but its touch.

Price is higher than other mateials , but people who likes black choose this material.。

For more information about materials (Green Ebony Page)

Recommended size

(It’s wood. Doesn’t it break? strong enough?)
No Worry at all!!

Boxwood, Cherry, and Ebony. having enough thickness is preventing it from breaking in pieces.

Metal and Resin could sometimes break,
Then, why don’t you wear it with wood with the style.

DAI:Height50mm×Width17mm×Thickness5mm TOKU-DAI:Height58mm×Width20mm×Thickness5mm

Want to know “Actual Size".

Download PDF and print it with A4 size paper.
Actual size will be printed.

Lucky and powerful character, Edo Moji

Engraving font is so called Edo Moji and also known as Kago Moji.
The character has been used for festival costume called Hanten. It is powerful and punchy with sense of good luck, and also easy to read.

Picture above may not be clear enough.
But they will be remaining part and strength won’t be affected.
You will love it once you touch and see it.

The combination of "Kifuda craftsman HOUUN's Recommended"


Types of laces HOUUN's recommend for foreigners.

1. lace for Neck

Use it as a Necklace for Japanese style.
Please choose "lace for Neck" if you would like to adjust length by yourself.
Length of lace is 1m and adjust it to fit your size by yourself.

2. lace for Bag

Please choose this if you would like to use it for golf bag, luggage, etc.
Length is adjusted and Lace for neck could be used with this right away.

The color of the string You can choose from 10 colors

Optional gift-wrapping service available

●Paulownia box

Since the box of paulownia wood is thick it does not send in the post-mailing

●With ribbon

Make it easier to pass as a gift.By all means, please use.

I am crafting with my soul.

Using high end natural materials, engraving and crafting with my sould, Polishing and refining with care and love


We put one by one the guide of Kifuda.


Origin of Kifuda have been written to it.This is proof that HOUUN GAMO is made.

How to order / Delivery date

Order at the shop

Receive over-the-counter
You can pick up on the 3 business days after today
It will ship in 3 business days from today

Order on the net

Receive over-the-counter
You can pick up on the 3 business days after today
It will ship in 4~6 business days after today

We have started shipping overseas. (2022.1022)
Limited to areas that can be delivered by EMS.

Please see here for details, sorry in Japanese.

Business day / business hours

Open 11:00 to 17:30. (Weekday)
Open 10:00 to 15:50. (Sat.San.NH Business day)


Business calendar on the upper left

Access / Directions to the store

Post Code :111-0054
Address :1-31-4, Torigoe, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Order Form (Custom-made "Kodawari-KIFUDA")

Please fill out the following.
And please press the confirmation button.


Choose KIFUDA Required
The main character Required
  ex) Aaron
And output automatically when you enter the main character for ALPHABET (KATAKANA,HIRAGANA,KANJI)
List of names that can be converted.
Please contact us if the conversion to Chinese characters in not on the list name.
Quantity Required

Please input in accordance with the selected KIFUDA

Horizontal character Any about 6 letters of ALPHABET is good
Choose a family crest Optional
If you do not apply
The back surface of the character Optional about 10 letters of ALPHABET is good
about 6 letters of KANJI, KATAKANA and HIRAGANA are good

Lace / Wrapping

Type of lace Required
The color of the lace Required
Wrapping Required


Please enter the order's information

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Other, please write freely if you have any requests